What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a form of environmental psychology based on the interplay between the chi or life force energy of a space and the people who spend time there. There are simple rules to follow and more complex applications of ancient Taoist wisdom. When combined they result in the intentional design of space and the placement of objects in ways that reflect your own personal values and aesthetics, bring your space into alignment with your present life, and anchor and remind you to nurture your dreams.


Environmental balance is key to manifesting your dreams and goals.

My Mission

I work with individuals, families, business owners, builders, and real estate developers to identify patterns that create energetic challenges in daily life. When you engage with me to change these energetic patterns, you will also begin to clarify your intentions, eliminate obstacles, and learn ways to create environmental balance—all key to manifesting your goals and dreams. Our focus will shift back and forth between your internal landscape and your external physical space, and this alternating focus will deeply influence your thoughts and decisions when the timing is right.