Engagement Process

My preferred approach to a Feng Shui consultation is as a longer term coaching engagement based on the model I learned through the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara where I trained as an executive coach. This intuitive, expert training, combined with my many years of Feng Shui study and spiritual cultivation allows me to guide my clients to a place where they begin to understand what they need to do to create the lives they wish to have.

We engage over a longer period of time (three to six months or longer), at a slower pace than typical Feng Shui consulting arrangements. It is important that I get to know you, your history, your current challenges, and your dreams. This is quite intentional and takes time. Together we develop an action plan that offers both practical and perhaps unusual steps for you to take to move forward. You will learn to view space through Feng Shui eyes, and will be empowered to make changes that feel right and fit your aesthetic design. This careful approach allows us to explore the internal places holding you back—places that may be creating more resistance than the design details present in your external environment.

Creating Your Future by Designing Your Life

Intentional change does not occur overnight. Lasting change requires time, focus, commitment, exploration, action, reflection, and fine-tuning. A two- to three-hour Feng Shui consultation focused solely on your external space will set that change process in motion, but may not reach deeply enough to alter the internal patterns holding you captive. And, in my experience, a quick-fix approach can leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused, paralyzed, and unable to use the Feng Shui advice and tools you are given. Our intentional, longer term engagement will spark opportunities for changes to occur at a deeper level, transforming both your internal and external spaces, aligning and equipping you in ways that boldly propel you into the future you envision.

Trust and openness are keys to our successful working relationship, as a Feng Shui consultation is a very intimate look inside both your home and your psyche. It would, perhaps, be unsettling for you to have me, a complete stranger, asking you questions about your deepest needs and desires before we have even met! Our first step, then, is to spend time together, to get to know one another to see if we are in fact a good fit for this important work.

Some typical questions that might come up in our introductory session include:

  • What has (recently) changed in your life? What needs to change in your life?
  • What is working well for you? What is not working so well?
  • What are some current challenges you face?
  • Why is our work together important to you at this time?