“I just wanted to thank you again for your Feng Shui work/suggestions made last year. It really does work when you set intentions, but you knew that already! I appreciate your knowledge and caring and value your friendship. Like the dancer on this card, I feel like I’m “starring” in my life these days. All good stuff for sure! You are an inspiration—keep up the good work!”
DM, Portland, Oregon

“Two years ago I became involved in a legal situation associated with a budding partnership. We initially tried to resolve the situation amicably but weren’t able to. It was turned over to attorneys and after almost a year we hadn’t made much progress. I had never used Feng Shui before, but had learned quite a lot about it from Suzy Driver, a woman in my business networking group. I decided to hire her to do a consultation, with the resolution of this situation being my highest priority. I set an intention for both how I would like it resolved and the intended resolution date, which was just five or six weeks away. I did a specific cure for the legal issue, a “scoundrel cure”, as well as a general consultation for my house and office. It worked exactly as I had asked! In those few short weeks we reached an agreement, I was paid, and the business relationship is now amicable.”
NG, Portland, Oregon

“I’ve recently used the Suzy again to support the sale of my home. I immediately started receiving comments from realtors on how “fresh” my house is compared to others in my complex that feel “tired”. I chuckled to myself about this. I know from personal experience that these homes are the same age, the condition is similar, and the decorating is just as lovely. What I know they’re feeling is the good energy of my home as a result of the Feng Shui work that was done.”
Nancy Grant, Professional Certified Coach, Portland, Oregon

“I’m not sure how or why Feng Shui works, all I know is that it worked for me.  I decided to call Suzy Driver, Feng Shui Strategies, after several of my friends worked with her. They raved about how her suggestions helped change the energy in their homes or offices.

“I was going through a difficult time: My wife and I had separated, and I was in the midst of some major lifestyle changes. I had begun to loathe where I lived because the space represented the “old me,” not the “me” I was trying to become.

“Before she came to my home, Suzy asked me to think about, and then write down, my intentions – the reasons why I wanted to work with her, and what outcomes I most wanted to experience. My primary intention was to win my wife back and drastically improve our relationship.  I told Suzy, ‘Both of us always felt like our relationship was so much work.’

“Suzy started by talking about the different guas. What each one meant, and what kinds of things—furniture, pictures, mirrors—should be located in each one. As we entered the bedroom, she saw that I had a desk in the relationship gua. We started to laugh: I had said my marriage felt like too much work, and here was the proof—my work desk placed in the relationship “corner.” Out of all the rooms, I hated the bedroom most.

“After Suzy left I went to the bedroom and moved the desk, rotated the bed, and shifted the dressers. Immediately I felt a sense of calm wash over me. I spent the weekend implementing the cures she recommended, redecorating, and working on my space.

“Not only am I happier in my space than I have ever been, my wife came back home a couple months ago. Our relationship has been better than ever. My space has provided me great comfort, relief, and help through all of the lifestyle changes I made.

“I strongly recommend Feng Shui to even the most skeptical of skeptics.  As I said before, I’m not sure how or why Feng Shui works, I just know that it does. It worked for my friends, and it worked for me. Thanks, Suzy!”
David Jandron, Portland, Oregon